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The global viewer can access to several hundreds videos about the Naxi nationality, in the main English video sites, as Youtube, and some Chinese places, as Baidu or Youku. We have surf over the waves of this huge ocean to select some of the most interesting videos about the Naxi, videos with good quality that can help the reader to understand basic aspects of Naxi nationality life and culture.

Naxi tiger dance - 2008 squisheefishee

When visiting Lijiang (yunnan, china), I had the privilege of watching one of the Naxi Dongbas perform the traditional tiger dance. If you watch closely, you'll see that all of his movements represent a tiger's, including tongue movements [?], growling, etc

Ancient traditional Naxi music from Lijiang Yunnan China- wen88888

The show which presented the traditional ancient Naxi music concert, this become the must to see when you travel to Lijiang Yunnan China.

Naxi ancient music - du - harane9 - 2007

Naxi is one of minorities in Yunnan, China, whose culture and history has very impressive.

This is a part of bengshixili (buxisali) and has been playing since a thousand years ago.

[A war once broke out in the history of Naxi people. The war left such a deep impression on the early people that it was recorded in the Dongba scripts as "Black and White War", Bengshixili(Buxisali) is a set of large-scale dance divertimentos which reflect the war. There are seven movements currently exists]

Naxi Dongba dance - harane9 - 2007

He Guohua who is the master of ceremonies in religious sacrifices and the wisest Naxi, who is on of the Dongba who are still in alive. He can read and write fluently Donba scripts.

Dongba script is the only one hieroglyphic which is still used in today.

The making of Naxi people's Jew's harp - craftymonks - 2008

Chinese Naxi minority people have 3 different kind of bamboo Jew's harps. one is 3p for 1 set. other one has string. and standard bamboo one. You can see the player in other movie.

Well Wishes of Spring - Naxi Folk Song - chinesecivilization - 2008

A famous folk song of the Naxi.

Omengda - a popular song of the Naxi - On stage.

From CCTV (China Central TV) channel 3.

Popular song of Lijiang - Lijiang on water

The songs says, more or less, LIjiang on water, beautiful Lijiang, I love my place. Though sing in Chinese, the names of the producers and singers are Naxi.

Three Naxi songs - Li Jingruo

Nice folk music of a Naxi group singing in Naxi language, directed by a singer, probably Li Jingruo.

Dongba culture of the Naxi

About the Dongba culture and the Dongba script. In Chinese, but the images are clear and simple, easy to enjoy.

Dream of Lijiang - Under the bridge runs the water

A video clip with Lijiang and Naxi lands as background.

The Big Village in Eya

Eya is the most remote place where the Naxi people live. In the south of Muli County, its difficult access has kept its Naxi virtually isolated from the outer world.

Songs and dance of the Naxi - On stage

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