Some documentary films about the Nu people


Family of Da Mashi - 38min - 2008

Directed by Zhou Weiping (China).

The family of Da Mashi (Nu ethnic group) has lived on the cliff of Nujiang for 100 years. To plant potatoes on the slope, the local people have to place a fistful of weed with the potato; otherwise it will roll down from the slope into the river.
Nujiang had been beyond social revolution, with no contact with the outside world but the annual relief by the government until the 1990s. In addition, having been isolated for a long time, the Nu people believe that Gods exist in the mountains, rivers and brushwood. In 2000, with the promotion of the national poverty support policy and ecological protection policy in the Three Parallel River Area, Da Mashi's family was faced with a new option for survival. That's intriguing.

Watchers of the Mountains - 52min - 2008

Directed by Gao Guodong and Duan Jianguo

Boyisi is a famous folk artist of Nu ethnic group. His family has been living in Lumen Village on Gaoligong Mountain for generations. Boyisi is a middle school graduate and has been to the big cities like Kunming and Shanghai to perform his Nu folk dance "ODD". He is the educated man in the village and has been around. He has been trying to change the destiny of both his family and daughters by means of his knowledge and experience. However, owning to various kinds of limitation, education didn't change his daughters' destiny, they got themselves out of the mountain through the arranged marriage. With his daughters' leaving and the passing away of his father who taught him playing "ODD", Boyisi is now living on the mountain with his wife and his mother who is over 100 years old. Though he still feels lonely, he never gives up his trying to change his life. He opened a little grocery store. He still holds the biggest wish in his heart to organize an "ODD" performance team in the village. He wishes that the folk art which has been passed down for generations can go on forever.

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