Books about the Oroqen


Pu Qiu.- The Oroqens: China's nomadic hunters. Gouji Shudian. Beijing. 1983-

An illustrated introduction to Oroqen nationality life and culture.

Henry G Schwarz.- Oroqen.

The International Conference on China Boarder Area Studies.

Kevin Stuart, Xuewei Li.- Tales from China's Forest Hunters: Oroqen Folktales. University of Pennsylvania, Dept. of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, 1994. 59 pp.

Presented here is a body of folk accounts of the Oroqen, one of the least populous of China's officially recognized 55 minorities.With some excerpts and tales in Sino Platonic Papers 061

- Oroqen. Nationalities Press. Beijing. 2001

A Beautiful book, full of goo pictures, that explain the forme rlife of the Oroqen nationality and the way they live in the present.

In Spanish:

Pu Qiu.- Los elunchunes en la sociedad nómada. Ediciones en Lenguas Extranjeras, 1983

It is the same book already noted above, trasnlated to English and Spanish languages

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