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Dali by night

Pedro Ceinos Arcones, 2011

The Old city of Dali is the main urban center of the Dali people. Centuries of Chinese influences and decades of tourism changes contributed to give this city an original air. During 2011 I visited Dali several times, at night the city transform itself giving a new atmosphere to residents and visitors. Here are some glimpses of the mystery of Dali night.


Taizi hui (Prince Festival) in Shaxi

Ji Ying, 2011

Every year, on the 8th of the second lunar month, the Bai people living in Shaxi, held the Prince Festival (Taizi hui). This is their main festival round the year. This day, in a joyful environment, nobody works. After praying in their Benzhu Temple, the children are dressed up in traditional clothes and paraded in carts or bicycles.


The Great Tibetans I (Greater than the buildings): (20100525)

Thousands of pilgrims, arrived from different places walked from the morning until night around the Potala Palace, the Jorkhand Temple or the perimeter of the Old City.


Danuohei: Stone Village of the Sani People: (20090527)

With most of its houses built of stone and the astonishing presence of more than one hundred old trees.


Market Day at Gasha Township: (20090513)

Every Sunday Dai women from the villages around Gasha attend the weekly market...some times attired with their best clothes, some times only with the conical hat that protects them from the burning sun.


Among the Bulang of Nongyang - Xishuangbanna

Nonyang lies only several kilometers off Menghun, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture. Situated in the soft hills west of Menghun is one of the best communicated Bulang villages. After Nongyang, mountains and mountains until the Burma border constitute the heart of the Bulang territory.


All days are Festivals among the Miao

Due to the development of the tourism in Langde and other Miao villages, some young girls have gave up the agriculture activities, and wearing their best dresses, gather every day in the main square to sing and dance for the tourists groups.


The Buyi-Bouyei in Zhenning County, Guizhou Province.

A short set of pictures about the headdress and villages of the Buyi nationality in Zhenning County.


Hard working women of the Aini:

The Aini or Akha live in the mountains of the tropical region of Xishuangbanna. As in many agricultural societies the women perform most of the works


Wa sacred ceremonies performed for the public:

In this set of pictures we see a Wa Dance Troupe performing the Dance of the Wooden Drum, maybe the most sacred of their ancient traditiones in a tourism festival in Southwest China.


Uygur traditional transportation:

In the Uygur lands, in the big oasis in the south and west of Xinjiang region, most of the transportation is already carried out in a traditional way.


A Zhuang Village near Qiubei:

In the Zhuang villages of Wenshan Prefecture, the life runs slowly yet. Farmers communities, linked to their land as intimately as in the past centuries, live quite lives far from the hustle and bustle of the centers of touristic development.


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