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In English

We know only one book dealing entirely with the Pumi:

Zheng Hai.-The Pumis, the backbone of a nationality. Yunnan Education Press. Kunming.1995. 37 pp

Published to commemorate the Second International Conference of Women in Beijing, in 1995, this book, with 32 pictures, is a brief introduction to the Pumi women. It focuses in their religious belief, closely related in Ninglang County, with the Moso and their Goddess Gemu.

Harrell, Stevan.- Ways of Being Ethnic in Southwest China. Univ. Wasthington Press. 2002.

This book includes a chapter "The contingent ethnicity of the Prmi" that explains why the Pumi are called Pumi in Yunnan but Tibetans in Sichuan, and the way it affects their daily lives.

There is also some basic information in books published in China dealing with the 55 officially recognized minorities, as:

Ma Yin´s Chinese minorities, Ethnic Groups in China, or China's Minority Nationalities.

Olson, James S. - An Ethnohistorical Dictionary of China (Greenwood Press, 1998), have three pages discussing the Pumi and peoples with related languages.

Hattaway, Paul.- Operation China. Have one chapter dealing with the Pumi.

The Bridal Boat has a chapter dealing with the Marriage of the Pumi.

In Spanish,

Yan Ruxian's "Matrimonio y familia de las etnias minoritarias de China" (Marriage and Family of China National Minorities), Foreign Languages Press, 1991, include a chapter written by Yan Ruxian about the marriage of the Pumi.

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