Basic Bibliography of the Qiang

Graham, David Crockett. 1958. The Customs and Religion of the Ch’iang. Washington, D.C.: The Smithsonian Institution.

One of the pioneers in the study of the indigenous peoples of Sichuan province.


LaPolla, Randy J. and Huang Chenglong.- A Grammar of Qiang with annotated texts and glossary. Hong Kong, 1996

Though the aim of the authors is the grammar, in their interesting work there is also a brief introduction to the Qiang, a dozen of their primordial myths traslated to English, and a tematic glossary of their most common words.


Zevik, Emma.- Tales of the AbaMullah: Stories From the Qiang People. Maypole Press. 1999

Some tales of the Qiang people, especially related with AbaMullah.


The reader without knowledge of Chinese can find some basic information in books published in China dealing with the 55 officially recognized minorities, as Ma Yin´s Chinese minorities, Ethnic Groups in China, or China's Minority Nationalities.

Olson, James S.- An Ethnohistorical Dictionary of China (Greenwood Press, 1998), have three pages discussing the Qiang and peoples with related languages.

The Bridal Boat has a chapter dealing with the Marriage of the Qiang.


In Spanish,

Yan Ruxian's "Matrimonio y familia de las etnias minoritarias de China" (Marriage and Family of China National Minorities), Foreign Languages Press, 1991, include a chapter written by Li Shaoming about the marriage of the Qiang.

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