A dictionary of Qiang minority

One of the last works added to the important study of the Qiang minority is the present dictionary published in Chengdu in 2004 (1).

The Qiang minority, though been one of the oldest minorities registered in Chinese history books, has not received the same degree of attention that other more popular minorities. Maybe the scarce interest in the tourist development of their lands, or the climatic difficulties of this development, has kept them confined to a low profile that in no way they merit.

In its 611 pages it includes about 2.000 entries arranged in the following sections:

- Structure: introducing all the Autonomous Districts and Townships of the Qiang.
- Natural resources: found in the Qiang lands.
- Geography
- Population
- History
- Economy
- Language
- Religion
- Ideology
- Literature
- Music and Dance
- Education
- Cultural facilities
- Health and Hygiene
- Sports
- Customs
- Law
- Handicrafts
- Famous places
- People
- Publications

Covering so wide aspect of Qiang life, the book is an indispensable tool of reference to all those interested in Qiang culture, or in the life of the minorities of Sichuan. This vast array of short articles can provide a quick reference to most of the relevant issues of Qiang religion, culture and history.

(1) "Qiangzu cidian bianwei hui (Compilers of the Qiang Dictionary).- Qiang zu cidian (Dictionary of the Qiang). Bashu shushe (Publishers of Ba and Shu). Chengdu. 2004. 611 pgs.

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