Photo exhibitions about the Qiang


Music and dance of the Qiang.

Photographer: Yu Lei

This is a very nice exhibition of pictures about the Qiang. The artist visits the Qiang during one of their annual festivities. He enjoys, and let us enjoy, every detail of the celebration. He transmits to the people all the movement of personages performing one of the most important rituals of their culture.


Bao Chengli and his special topic in photograph: The wedding of Long Xiaoqiong in the Qiang village of Taoping.

Photographer: Bao Chengli

Another nice exhibition of Qiang pictures, with people full of color, taking life out of the screen.


A Window to the hope in Heishui - National Folklore 1

The pictures are simpler, but the authors make many shots of objects related to everyday life of the Qiang.


The Qiang Ashima

Some pictures of the famous singer Ermayina wearing Qiang ethnic dress.

Qiang phototime

Some pictures about the life and environment of the Qiang

China - Taoping Qiang Village.

Photographer: lindagaulke.

A turistic outlook of Taoping village. The more famous traditional village of the Qiang people.

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