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To visit the Qiang, any traveler must first go to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, where the Qiang live. Chengdu is a big city of near 10 million inhabitants, with a lot on hotels of any category and price and many daily air connections to the most important Chinese cities and Hong Kong.

From Chengdu to the Qiang lands one must take local buses, as most of the Qiang villages are between 100 and 300 km from Chengdu. Most of the people who travel to Qiang lands are searching for their unique architecture. They must therefore visit some of the best preserved villages of the Qiang, places were their culture and tradition are displayed, some times even a little artificially.

The most famous Qiang village is Taoping. It is located in Li County, 163 kilometers off Chengdu. Here is where the original environment of the Qiang has been better protected. It is a museum of Qiang traditional architecture. Built between a mountain and a river, its highest building reaches nine floors. All built by stone. Now is an important turistic center with many folk activities to satisfy the requirements of the visitor.

The first village of the Western Qiang. Its situated at only 120 km from Chengdu, in Minchuan county. It has more than 100 buildings with 800 inhabitants. As most of the Qiang villages, it is situated between a mountain and a river. It's the nearest Qiang village to Chengdu and one of the best preserved.

Luopu village. In Minchuan County. Its buildings are well preserved, but this is one of the Qiang Villages that has no stone tower.

Heihuyanzuihe.- In this place there are seven of these stone towers typical of the Qiang. With different shapes and highness, it is an unique monument of the Qiang culture.

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