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The Qiang nationality language and culture website

This is a very good place for get basic and linguistic information about the Qiang, written for some of the people who know them better.


Qiang - Minorities of Southwest China - Science Museums of China

It contains the following articles related to the Qiang:

The old but also young shepherds-----the Qiangs
Watchtowers standing loftily at the Southwest
The time-honored Qiang bamboo flute with melodious sound
The fragrant "sucking wine" with endless affection
The glistening white stone symbolizes god


The Qiang ethnic minority

Of the many general introductions to the Qiang ethnic minority we can find in Chinese websites, this is one of the best.


Qiang -wikipedia

Provides good information about Qiang people


The Qiang ethnic minority


Chinese History - Non-Chinese peoples and neighboring states: Qiang

This is a short but interesting article about the history of the old Qiang peoples.

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