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Travel to ethnic lands

Ethnic-china has reached an agreement with one of the leadings travel agencies in Yunnan, to provide the technical infrastructure and business know-how to the ethnic itineraries designed by ethnic-china. Once we are sure that the safety, comfort (when possible) and practical organization of the tours is guaranteed, we will offer the readers interested in China ethnic groups itineraries designed to enhance the knowledge of China ethnic cultures.

Travel to Hani lands: The best place to know a little about the Hani culture is Yuanyang County and its famous terraced fields. In the mountains of this county, generations of Hani farmers have worked the mountain surface to make possible rice agriculture. To do it they slowly terraced the whole mountain, from the summit to the bottom.

We have some programs that include the visit of the Yuanyang Terraces and Hani villages. One of the most popular itineraries (5 days and 4 nights) leaves Kunming to visit the Stone Forest and Sani Yi Villages, Cheng Zi old village, Hani and Yi villages and Yuangyang Terraces fields, the old City of Jianshui, the round village of Tuanshan and Xingmeng Mongol Village. Other itineraries can be tailored according to the traveler requirements.

If you are planning a travel to Yunnan don’t hesitate to contact us: yunnantravel@ethnic-china.com

hani yuanyang
Terrace fields in Yuanyang

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