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The monumental work, in three volumes, about the history and culture of the Monguor. Available on line. And also in a edition of 695 pages.

Keith W. Slater.- A Grammar of Mangghuer A Mongolic Language of China's Qinghai-Gansu. Routledge, 2003. 400 pp

This book is a grammar of Mangghuer, a Mongolic language spoken by approximately 25,000 people in China's northwestern Qinghai Province. Mangghuer is virtually unknown outside China, and no grammar of Mangghuer has ever been published in any language. The book's primary importance is thus as a systematic grammatical description of a little-known language. The book also makes a significant contribution to comparative Mongolic studies. In addition to the synchronic description of Mangghuer, extensive comparison with other Mongolic languages is included, demonstrating the genetic relationship of Mangghuer within that family. In the course of describing Mangghuer linguistic structures, the book also examines issues of interest to linguistic typologists.

Kevin Stuart and Limusishiden.- China's Monguor Minority: Ethnography and Folktales. Sino-Platonic Papers, 59 (December 1994)


In German Language

Dominik Schroder.-Uus der Volksdichtung der Monguor. 2. Teil: In den Tagen der Urzeit. (Ein Mythus vom Licht und vom Leben). Aufgenommen und iibersetzt von Dominik Schroder. Asiatische Forschungen, Band 31. Otto Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden 1970. 158 pages, 2 photos, 9 drawings.


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