Selected Bibliography about the Tujia.-

David Lumsden


Philip and Cecilia Brassett, 2005. Imperial Tiger Hunters: An Introduction to the Tujia People of China. Eastbourne, UK: Antony Rowe Publishing Services.

Based on l8 months' research in Xiangxi prefecture, Hunan.

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For information about the Tujia see especially chapter 5, re Enshi Prefecture, Hubei; compare with Shih, 2002.

David Paul Lumsden, 2007. 'Blossoms, Bodies, and Authentic reproduction; The Tujia and Tourism in Youyang (Chongqing and the Shennong (Hubei, PRC))

Paper given at the international conference on tourism and Indigenous People/Minorities in Multi-Cultural Societies, xishuangbanna, dec. 23/07; copies from author, via

Mary Rack, 2005. Ethnic Distinctions, Local Meanings: Negotiating Cultural Identities in China. London/Ann Arbor: Pluto Press.

Based on her 1995-97 teaching stay in the Jishou area, west Hunan (cf. Brassetts, 2005), this slim book addresses the 'Miao', but emphasizes 'ethnicity' as a process', not as 'groupness'; indeed, it emphasizes mixed and fluid 'local;' identities/culture, with highland/lowland and indigenous/incomer blends. It notes cases of local persons making a claim to be 'Tujia' simply in order to gain State perks for 'minority' members. But otherwise, despite its aim, it is curiously silent about explicit 'Tujia'/'Miao'comparison/contrast: 'Tujia' seems almost taken for granted as 'groupness'. worth reflecting on as a corrective to 'essentializing' tendencies when reading say, Brown, 2004, Shih, 2002, or even Lumsden, 2007 -or indeed when reading works on any other Chinese 'minority people'.

Ran Zhongjing, 2003. A Collection of his Tujia Poetry (in Chinese). pbk, ISBN

This distinguished poet resides in Longtan, Chongqing.

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Shen Congwen, 2004. Beautiful Xiangxi: A Photographic Journey of Hunan through the Pen of Shen Congwen. Reader's Digest, USA/Shanghai Literature & Art
Publishing house.

Superb photos by Zhuo Ya and selections from Shen Congwen on his 'Miao' (pre-tujia recognition) people.

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Brief study tours; see especially > chapters 4 and 5 re West Hunan; compare with M. Brown, 2004.

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film/video version.

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