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Maybe the best Web about the Tujia, with some introductory articles about the Tujia, and photo exhibitions.

This page is run by Philip & Cecilia Brassett, authors of maybe the only monograph about the Tujia in any western language: Imperial Tiger Hunters: An Introduction to the Tujia People of China

The Tujia Ethnic Minority

"The Tujia are well known for a hand dance with over 70 ritual gestures to indicate war, hunting, farming and feasting."

Tujia - China Style

"The Tujia people also have their unique White Tiger Worship.The white tiger occupies an important status in the mind of the Tujia people ... call themselves "offspring of the White Tiger."

Tujia - Science Museums of China

With six articles about the Tujia:

- The descendants of the Ba people.

- Xilankapu.

- Cogon grass goose and Waving Dance

- "Catching the New Year"

- "Dong Dongkui" and "Da Liuzi"

- Cry and Marry.

Funeral Dance of the Tujia People

"Men and woman, old and young, gather aound the coffin and sing, dance and enjoy themselves through the night... thinking death as natural as the rotation of the four seasons"

The wedding lament of the Tujia people in Western Hubei Province, China: Music and context.

"It is customary for the Tujia bride and her female relatives to conduct the ritual of wedding lament to grieve for their separation from one other."

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