Uygur weddings


In the Uygur people marriages, after the wedding the bride moves to live with the bridegroom family. This is reason why they prefer to have boys better than girls.

In the past the girls married before 16 years. After this age they were considered old girls, now they marry usually after 18 in the rural regions and later in the cities.

There is no polygamy any more among them, as the Chinese marriage law establishes one husband one wife families. They can have more than one child, and most couples usually have two or three.

The marriage usually was arranged by the parents, though fortunately in the cities they hear their daughter's opinion.

Usually the groom family asks a go between to arrange the marriage of their son with such lady on behalf of them. The go between then go to visit the bride family carrying some gifts. If they accept the gifts, then is almost sure there will de wedding, if not, it is doubtful.

After this visit the bride family tries to know as much as possible about the groom and his family, asking friends and relatives about him.

If they think they can accept him there is a second meeting when they try to agree about the conditions of their future life: where they will live? How often they will visit her parents. The bride must be virgin. They discuss also the economic conditions of the marriage, and they detail the gifts they will provide.

In the third meeting they fix the date of the ceremony.

On the wedding day the groom goes with a music group to fetch the bride. She waits dressed usually in red colour dresses, though in some places now she dresses in white.

The bride party will deny the pass to her house. The groom party must open the door giving gifts and singing. Once they get the bride they carry her to the groom's house. There the oldest woman in the family bless them and lift the veil of the bride, allowing the groom to see and kiss the bride. Then start the young people party, when the friends of the newlywed couple drink and dance until late in the night.

The following week there will be many banquets offered by the two parties to the friends and relatives.

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