Basic Bibliography about the Wa


Blau Ealing.-A Painting album by Blau Ealing-Nationalities Press, Beijing, 2003

Blau Ealing is a Wa nationality artist, whose paintings are shown in this illustrated book.

Government of Ximeng Wa Autonomous County.- Beautiful natural landscape and colorful customs in Washan mountains (Illus.). Yunnan Nationalities Press. Kunming. 2002. 72 pp

This is basically an illustrated book with some introductory texts in Chinese and English, and bilingual captions. The pictures are about the Wa and their environment.

Wen Yiqun.- The Was, maternal souls amidst wooden drum. Yunnan Education Press. Kunming. 1995. 37 pp

This is the book published in 1995 to commemorate the Second International Conference on Women held in Beijing. Though the book is nicely illustrated only introduces in a very superficial way some aspects of the feminine culture of the Wa nationality. The author study the Wa drums, and the songs and rituals performed around them. He suggests that the wooden drum of the Wa are a symbol of the feminine genital.

Winnington, Alan.- The Slaves of the Cool Mountains. Lawrence & Wishart Ltd. London. 1959

Though the book describes the society of the Nosu in Liangshan, Winnington was also one of the few (if any besides him) westerners allowed to travel to Ximeng in the 1950s. The book is full of interesting remarks about the Wa society before the changes introduced by the Chinese administration.

There are also some books not specifically dealing with the Wa nationality, but that contain however interesting information about them.

Jim Goodman.- The Exploration of Yunnan. Yunnan Peoples Publishing House. Kunming, 2000.

This book includes two brief notes about the Wa: "The Head-hunters of Awashan" (p. 511) and "Contemporary Wa Villages" (p. 516)

Song Liying.- Indigenous Ethnic Groups of Yunnan. Yunnan University Press. 2006.

With more than fifty entries explaining aspects of Wa life and culture.

Ye Dabing.- The Bridal Boat - Marriage Customs of China's Fifty Five Ethnic Minorities. New World Press, Beijing, 1993.

A brief note about the Wa wedding under the title: "Va". (p. 128)

Yin Shaoting.- The swidden agriculture of the Wa of Ximeng. In People and Forests - Yunnan Swidden Agriculture in Human-Ecological Pespective. Yunnan Education Publishing House, Kunming, 2001

A dettailed study of the swidden agriculture of the Wa, including social organization and land ownership, crops and cultivation techniques and headhunting and harvest sacrifice.

Zhang Weiwen and Zeng Qingnan.- In Search of China's Minorities. New World Press, Beijing, 1993

This book has a chapter "Va nationality" on page 186 with four brief notes about Wa culture: "No civility without drinking", "Chuan Gu Niang", "Tongpa" and "Wood Drum, Bull-Butchering, and other Customs."

Ceinos Arcones, Pedro.- Leyendas de la Diosa Madre y otros mitos de diosas y mujeres de los pueblos de China. Miraguano, Madrid, 2007.

It contains some translations of Wa myths related to their goddesses and feminine characters.


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