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Chen Guoqing and Xie Ling.- Wa zu (The Wa nationality) Waterpub, 2004

This book is interesting in the way that, far for the false academicism common to many publications related to the minorities in China, is trying to introduce the Wa to a general reader. I think they succeeded in give a comprehensive picture of the past and present day of the Wa and their culture.

Han Junxue.- Wa zu cunzhai yu wa zu chuantong wenhua (Wa nationality villages and Wa traditional culture). Sichuan University Press, Chengdu, 2007

The author studies the traditional culture of the Wa and its relation with the structure of their villages and the architecture of their buildings. The book is a detailed depiction of the structure of the Wa village and of the Wa house. Reading it we know that to understand the Wa nationality architecture we need to know their culture.

Huang Yan.- Awa shan de haizimen (The sons of Awa mountain). Guangxi Nationalities Press, Nanning, 1997.

The experiences of the author in the Awa mountains, among the Wa people.

Li Bosong.- Wa zu minge (Popular songs of the Wa Nationality). Yunnan Nationalities Press, Kunming, 2002.

A good selection of the songs of the Wa Nationality.

Li Dongchun.- Awashan Sigangli de mugu (Awa Mountains - The Drum of Sigangli) Beijing, 2002. 210 pp

About 30 articles written by local writers about the wonders of Ximeng County.

Li Shixiao and Chen Zhefang.- Yunnan Kawa zu yinyue xuan (Selection of the music of Kawa nationality in Yunnan). Kunming. 194pp

About the music of the Wa.

Wang Zhi and Zhang Daqun.- Yunnan wa zu shuang yu wenjiao xue shijian yu tansuo (Exploration and practice of bilingual education among the Wa of Yunnan). Kunlun Press. 1996. 200pp

Exploration and practice of bilingual education among the Wa of Yunnan.

- Wa zu minjian gushi jicheng (A collection of popular tales of the Wa nationality)-Yunnan Nationalities Press, Kunming, 1990

A wide selection of the popular literature of the Wa, from myths and legends, to love songs, animal tales and fables, all the different productions of ethnic literature are dealt here.

Yang Junda. Shan qinq ji (Love the Mountain).Yunnan Peoples Press, Kunming, 1981.

Some poems about the Awa shan mountains.

Zhao Furong.- Zhongguo wa zu wenhua (Culture of the Wa nationality in China) Nationalities Press, Beijing, 2005

The culture of the Wa nationality explained by a Wa scholar from Ximeng. History, language, marriage and family, wooden drum, literature, arts, customs, and religion of the Wa are detailed in the book.

Zhuo Wenlin.- Wa zu (The Wa Nationality). Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing House, Kunming, 2001

An illustrated book about the Wa nationality, with hundreds of small, but nice pictures about their life and costumes.

-Han Wa xin ci shi yu ji (Chinese Wa dictionary of new words) Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1990. 92pp

A small dictionary Han Wa of new words.

-Wa zu minjian gushi (Folktales of the Wa nationality). Kunming, 1985. 104 pp

About forty folk tales of the Wa nationality.

- Zhongguo wa zu yiyao 3 (Medicine of the Wa Nationality in China vol 3). Yunnan Nationalities Press.1982. 354pp

The third volume of the Wa medicine and pharmacy, deals with the animal and mineral medicines used by the Wa traditional doctors, Every animal, mineral or vegetal has a nice drawing, its Latin name, and a bilingual text in Wa and Chinese explaining its therapeutic properties.


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