Some photo exhibitions about the Wa


Wa ritual. Carrying the wooden drum.

Before to start the annual ceremonies who will the climax with the slauthter of a buffalo, the Wa must go to the forest to choose a new wooden drum to preside over the ceremony. Here there is a nice collection of more than 20 pictures depicting this important Wa ceremony.


PhotoGéographie - PhotoGeography.- Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy

A good photo exhibition about the Wa in Myanmar, with some introductory texts acompaniyng the pictures.


The sacred songs and dances of the Wa from Ximeng

Some pictures of faces of the Wa


Productive activities of the Wa


Sacrifice of the buffalo

The ceremony of killing a buffalo, depicted in detail in 17 pictures


Entering the Wa Mountains, entering Sigangli. Some pictures from the big exhibition of folklore photography.

A nice selection of Wa pictures


Introduction to Sigangli Wa nationality village. Near Ximeng

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