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Rachel Harris.- Singing the Village: Music, Memory and Ritual among the Sibe of Xinjiang. British Academy. 2005. 248pp

The Sibe are an immigrant group, Qing dynasty bannermen who made a three-year "long march" from Manchuria in the 18th century to serve as a border garrison in the newly conquered Western Regions of the Qing Chinese empire. They preserved their military structure and a discrete identity in the multi-ethnic region of Xinjiang and are now officially recognized as an ethnic minority nationality under the People's Republic. They are known in China today as the last speakers of the Manchu language, and as preservers of their ancient traditions. This study of their music culture reveals not fossilized tradition but a shifting web of borrowings, assimilation, and retention.

Sidi Kur. A Sibe-Manchu version of the ‘Bewitched Corpse’ cycle transcribed by V.V. Radlov. Harrassowitz Verlag: Wiesbaden, 1994, 423 pp. (in Russian), with E.P. Lebedeva.

Sidi Kur is a name of the cycle of tales, versions of which are well-known in other oriental languages (Mongolian-Oirat), and finally go back to the wide world known Indian epic literature.Based on the Sibe version of “The Bewitched Corpse” cycle as collected in Sinkiang at the end of the last century by V.V. Radlov, the book includes the brief survey of the Sibes, a people of Manchu descent, the description of their language, which is considered as a Manchu dialect, and the dictionary to the original Sibe texts. The volume has also the photocopy of the original manuscript, transcribed by V.V. Radlov in cyrillic script, and subsequently rewritten by V. L. Kotvich. As a working model, the new transcription,based on the system by St. Ka³u¿yñski in his Die Sprache des mandschurischen Stammes Sibe aus der Gegend von Kuldscha (Warszawa 1977) was added by G. Stary.

Jin, Ning and Stary, Giovanni.- A Catalogue of Sibe-Manchu Publications 1954-1989. 1989



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