Free marriage of the Chasan Yao


Most of the Chasan Yao inhabit Dayaoshan Mountain. They live in houses of two floors; the lower is usually used to keep the tools, the domestic animals and the grain. In the upper one is where the people live.

The young boys, when they seek the love of a girl, ascend to the upper floor, where she sleeps, and they sing songs in the balcony. This is the period of "light the torch", because the boys leave at night carrying one. If the girl has not boyfriend, there will be many suitors who visit her at night to sing under her balcony. If she already has boyfriend, only him will be allowed to sing with her.

Unmarried people can also met in the "January Hall" building, which opens up habitually during the first month of the year, for make easy the social relationships between the young boys and girls.

There is no economic component in their marriage. The exchanges of gifts between the groom and the bride's family it is negligible. Except among the richer families, very influenced by the Chinese, the weddings are usually very austere. In fact some of the richest families spend so much money that they get in debt during generations.

One month after start their relation, they can have sexual relations, and if as a fruit of those relationships children are born, they won't be discriminated against.

There is free divorce between them, and some couples, in fact, marry and divorce 4 or 5 times.

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