Pictures about the Yao nationality



Some pictures of baby carriers of the Raojia branch of the Yao Nationality.

King Pan Festival in Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County celebrated

Some pictures of a modern celebration of a ceremony in honour of King Pan, the mythical ancestor of the Yao Nationality.

Yao Girls In Market.- Photographer: Yau-Sun Tong

In GuiZhou, 'Yao' ethnic people live in the very southern region of the province, often in some very harsh mountainous areas.

Redheaded Yao Woman - Yau-Sun Tong

Redheaded Yao is a branch of Yao ethnic minority in south YunNan province. This tribe is symbolized by its vividly decorated redhead cover and the silver ornaments.

Yao Lady - Boaz Rottem

A Yao women cuts her hair every 13 years. In the mean time the hair is folded up in a pretty black Turban.

Near the Yao

Some pictures of everyday life of the Yao people. In Chinese.

Festival of the Yao Nationality culture in Guangxi

With the Yao people attired for the ceremony with their traditional dresses.

Misterious wedding of the Yao Nationality.

With a Chinese texts and nice pictures

Liannan yao

Some pictures about this branch of the Yao Nationality living in Guangdong province

The customs of the Yao in Liannan.,10565.shtm


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