The Yi in the Art



Paintings about the Yi

Cao Dezhao

Yi young girl

Chen Guangjian

Yi nationality dances

Cheng Shifa

Paint of a Yi girl

Chong Maokun

Exhibition. This internet exhibition has two kinds of paintings. Some of them are portraits of urban, modern girls, the others are about some personages of evident ethnic content. All they are Yi.

Gao Xiaohua

Women of Yi Nationality Series 1

Ma Xiguang-

Yi nationality girls

Zhao wenyuan

Liangshan qing - Liangshan Air

Zhu Min

Yi Nationality Dancing

Students of the Fine Arts Academy of Xianyang.

All the pictures of this exhibition are inspired in Liangshan, most of them in the Yi. The number 5 is about the Moso.

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