Some books about the Axi branch of the Yi nationality


Chang Hanlin.- Axi qinxi shi (History of the migrations of the Axi people). Nationalities Press. Beijing, 2003. 94 pp.

The book study the old history and migrations of the Axi people, from their hypothetic origins, their resistance to the invasions of the Han Dynasty, their life in Nanzhao Kingdom's times, their migrations, main rebellions, etc. It includes an appendix describing some cultural characteristics of the Axi.

Ge Yongcai.- Mile yizu lishi wenhua tanyuan (Exploring the history and culture of the Yi in Mile). Yunnan Nationalities Press. Kunming, 1995. 176 pp.

Though the history part of the book is left apart, except for an appendix about the tusi native rulers in the area; the cultural aspects of the Yi living in Mile County are introduced in good detail. As there are important differences between different branches of the Yi, the author continuously provides information not only about the cultural and folk aspects of the lives of the Axi and Azhi, the main branches, but also of the less known branches, as the Awu, Shesuopo, Nisupo, Nuosupo, White Yi and Gebo. The main emphasis is placed on the religious feelings of these peoples and their traditional dresses, with some interesting tales related to them.

  Axi ladies on the way to the Fire Worship Festival    

Ge Yongcai (text) and Jiang Jian (photo).- Huo ji (Fire worship). Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing House. Kunming. 2004. 232 pp.

This nicely illustrated book is a graphic and textual a description of the Fire Sacrifice of the Axi people, as is performed in Hongwan village in the first years of the 21st century. In a social environment quickly changing some of the aspects of the festival are not seen anymore, while others will appear in the future.

Yang Guanghong.- Mile minzu minjian yinyue (Popular Music of the Nationalities of Mile). Nationalities Press. Beijing. 2003. 384 pp.

This book is divided in four big sections dealing with folk songs, hua deng music (a kind of popular music possible carried to Mile by Han Chinese), Dongjing music, and instrumental music. The first part introduces some of the most popular compositions of the Yi nationality (Axi, Azhe, Sani, Nisu, White Yi, Small Black Yi, Big Black Yi, and Awu branches), as well as those of the Miao, Zhuang (Sha and Zhongjia branches), Dai, and Han nationalities.

Zhong Helin.- Mile minzu minjian gushi (Folk tales of the Nationalities of Mile) Nationalities Press. Beijing. 2003. 314 pp

A big selection of folk tales, gathered by many folk researchers, from the nationalities living in Mile County. One third of the book comprises the folk tales of the Axi branch of the Yi; usually considered the most important nationality in Mile, whose Fire Festival is the most promoted ethnic activity in the county. There are also some tales of other Yi branches: Azhi, White Yi, Awu; and of the Miao, Zhuang, Hui, Dai and Han nationalities.

- Mile minzu wenhua (Mile race Culture). 76 pp

An illustrated book of touristic promotion of Mile County and its ethnic richness; it describes the main festivities of the Axi people, and the rich variety of ethnic dresses the traveler can find in Mile County; as well as old villages, local products, main monuments, etc.

- Li Dejun.- Yizu axi ren minjian wenxue zuopin caiji shilu (Collected folk literature of the Axi branch of the Yi Nationality (1963-1964)) Central University of Nationalities. Beijing. 2009

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