Reading curses, a wise man tale


There was a young couple that worked in the house of the Tusi as servants. The girl was very beautiful, and the Tusi harassed her continually. Not being able to tolerate more this situation, they went to see the wise man Luomo Azhi, to request his advice. Exploding in tears the woman assured him not to be able to tolerate more, repeating that if they don’t find a solution, she would kill the Tusi or make herself be killed. Azhi tranquilized them as he could, advising them to run away that same night. They protested that at night, there would be no boat crossing the Jinshajiang River, but Azhi comforted them and asked them to follow his instructions.

Following their instructions, that same night they abandoned the house of the Tusi, escaping towards the river. As they had supposed, there was no boat to ferry them across the river. While they were in the bank of the river waiting for their chance to cross it, they listened to the arrival of the Tusi in search of them with a group of armed men. Then, they climbed up to a great tree, and they lay down in silence.

Soon, the Tusi and his improvised army arrived at their place. The night was dark, and although the men made an effort looking to the river with the hope of discovering some sign of those escaped, they didn't discover anything. Then the Tusi returned to Azhi and asked him to search in his book of riddles the whereabouts of the runaway couple.

Azhi took the book in his hands, with a lot of ceremony, he opened him at random, and he began to read: “on the river there is a mountain, on the mountain there are trees, on the trees, men, on the men, mountains, and on these, water, and he comes on this water and he looks for them above.”

The Tusi didn't understand anything, and he furiously nagged Azhi for saying nonsense Then Azhi got angry and he screamed that nonsense or not, they were the words of the book. Helping their friends he suggested that perhaps the men were buried and the bamboo was growing on them.

The Tusi, seeing that that night it would not be able to catch them ordered the people to come back home. Before leaving, Azhi threw the book to the river screaming instructions to the young couple, that the following day crossed the river, and they settled down in the mountain.

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