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The Yi ethnic group

This a rilingual page in Yi, Chinese and English, with several articles dealing with history, culture and art of the different Yi branches.

The Yi People and Language- Babel Stone

Maybe the best webpage about the Yi language. With several pages dealing with Yi script, phonetic alphabet and dictionary

Ethnic Yi NGO sets out to combat AIDS, drug abuse

This is the news in the China Development Brief about the set out of an Yi NGO in Liangshan to fight drug abuse and the spread of AIDS.

Yi nationality.- China History Forum

Some of the post habve some interest, some haven't. The pictures are nice.

Yuanfu Zhu.- Drinking and Its Culture Among the Yi People

A colourful pdf document about the drinking culture of Chuxiong Yi.

Yi peoples of China

With many interesting profiles about some of the branches of the Yi. The only information in Englush about some of these ethnic groups.

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