Basic Bibliography of the Zhuang


Holm, David.- Killing a Buffalo for the Ancestors: A Zhuang Cosmological Text from Southwest China. Northern Illinois University. 2003

This book presents an annotated translation of two Zhuang ritual texts, traditionally recited during the annual New Year "Sacrifice of a Buffalo to the Ancestors"

Holm, David.- Recalling Lost Souls: The Baeu Rodo Scriptures Tai. Cosmogonic Texts from Guangxi in Southern China. Bangkok White Lotus Ltd. 2004.

This book explores an indigenous scriptural tradition found among the Zhuang, a Tai-speaking people who inhabit the provinces of Guangxi and Yunnan in southern China. It presents for the first time in English a remarkable collection of ritual texts, recently discovered in the remote highlands of northwestern Guangxi. Included with the book is a companion CD with additional material, and sound recordings. There are 49 color plates, a glossary, and concordance. (Publisher description)

Li Xiangping.- An outline of Zhuang history and culture. Guangxi Nationalities Press. Nanning. 1995. 150 pp.

This book was published in the first years of development of the tourism in Guangxi. It introduces the reader the main aspects of Zhuang cultural life.

Liu Zhi.-The Zhuangs. Nymphs of folk songs. Yunnan Education Press. 1995. 37 pp.

Publisher to commemorate the II International Conference on Women celebrated in Beijing, the book introduces some aspects of the life of the Zhuang women from Wenshan, in Yunnan Province. Nicely illustrated, most of the book explains the world of the Zhuang songs, the importance of these songs in the Zhuang courtship; the love and marriage of the Zhuang of Wenshan, and the nice brocade the Zhuang women embroider.

Milliken, Margaret.- At Grandfathers Knee, Zhuang folktales from Wuming. Nationalities Press. 2001. 405 pp.

This is a three language edition of the main legends and folktales of the Zhuang of Wuming County, collected by the author during her years in Wuming.

Palmer Kaup, Katherine.- Creating the Zhuang: Ethnic Politics in China. 2000

After the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China, some scholars feel surprised when they read about the recognized Zhuang minority. This book explain the politic and academic debate around the definition of Zhuang minority.

Pranee Kullavanijaya.- Collection of Papers on The Relationship between the Zhuang and the Thai. Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, 1996.

- Qin Xiaohang.- Zhuang English lexicon. Nationalities Press. Beijing. 2004. 261 pp

This is an interesting book not only for the language students but also for every reader interested in Zhuang life and culture. The book introduces a study of Zhuang words and an attached Zhuang-English vocabulary

Took, Jennifer.- A Native Chieftaincy in Southwest China- Franchising a Tai Chieftaincy under the Tusi System of Late Imperial China. 2005. Brill.

For nearly 700 years, the Chinese state exercised control over the minority peoples in its border provinces through the hereditary native chieftaincies (tusi). Utilizing fieldwork carried out by PRC authorities in the 1950s, this book investigates a Zhuang tusi in Guangxi. It explores the history and institutions of the tusi system, and discusses the dual quality of the tusi chieftaincy as a Chinese franchise and a non-Chinese polity. It describes the social structure, village administration and land tenure system of this tusi, the customary institutions of its ruling clan, and the impact of the replacement by direct Chinese rule in the 20th century. It also sheds light on the political management of the strategically sensitive Chinese-Vietnamese border over 600 years. (Publishers description)

Wei Xinglang. -A brocade of Zhuang nationality. Dolphin books. 1983. 42pp

An illustrated version of a famous Zhuang tale; a hunter that helps his mother to recover an embroidered brocade.

There are some books, locally edited, nicely illustrated, with a short introduction to the Zhuang and their environment.

- Chongzhou landscape. 70 pp

Chongzhou is a district of Guangxi Province near the Vietnamese border, mainly inhabited by Zhuang people. The book is a kind of colorful introduction to Chongzhgou and its main places of interest, with a chapter dealing with its "national flavor", that is, the Zhuang.

-Wenshan Today. 1995. 135 pp

Another book locally published about one Chinese prefecture. Though Wenshan is an autonomous prefecture of the Zhuang, there are only some pages about the local Zhuang people living in Wenshan.

- Wenshan Tourism manual. Wenshan. 2005. 60 pp

This is a tourism guide of Wenshan Zhuang Autonomous prefecture, published by the local tourism administration.

-Yunnan Zhuang Nationality. Nationalities Press. 1997. 160 pp

A photo book with short texts in English and Chinese, explaining the main aspects of the life of the Zhuang of Yunnan.

Ceinos Arcones, Pedro.- Leyendas de la Diosa Madre y otros mitos de diosas y mujeres de los pueblos de China. Madrid. 2007

In Spanish. It includes the first translation to any western language of the Zhuang nationality matriarchal myth of the world creation: Miliujia.

Yan Ruxian.- Matrimonio y familia de las etnias minoritarias de China. Foreign Languages Press. Beijing. 1981

In Spanish, with a chapter written by Mo Junqing (Zhuang), about Zhuang nationality marriage and family life.

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