The Zhuang in the cinema


The Third Sister Liu (Liu Sanjie) - 1960

Directed by Su Li.

Based in the legend of the same name, it tells the store of the Third Sister Liu, an extraordinary singer who awake the wicked desires of the local landlord. He tries to get her and stop the antiphonal songs of the people, but the resistance of the Zhuang will prevail.

A story of Wei Baqun (Bage de gushi).

Directed by Cheng Yin. 1978.

A film about the story of Wei Baqun, a revolutionary of Zhuang nationality.

Third Sister Liu - Liu Sanjie. 1978

Directed by Wu Yongtgang and Cheng Zhenghong

Zhang Mincheng, Wu Fashu, Bo Jinhua, etc.

A new version of this classic story preserved during centuries by the Zhuang people.

Baby Swallow is Flying (Kongsha fei).

Directed by Sun Min. 1979

About the career of the Zhuang gymnast Shang Xiaoli.

Sunshine in spring (Chun hui) - 1982

Directed by Wu Yinxun.

The film depicts the life in a Zhuang high school.

A far away place (Yuan fang)- 1984

Directed by Wu Yinxun.

The Boluotuo River (Boluotuo he) - 1989

Directed by Tan Yijian.

The story of a Zhuang girl that leaves the hometown to live in the city, where she sets up a costume stall, and later is rewarded with a prize to their designs.

Dream of a Goddess (Shen nu meng) - 1989

Directed by Li Xiaolong.

The goddess Guna goes down to the earth, where she fell in love with a Zhuang boy. Her father warn her that she will become feathers if she stay in the earth after the sun rise, but one night she fell so happy with her lover that forget her father warnings.

Elegance of Guangxi (Bagui fengcai) - 1990

Directed by Wang Changhe.

A documentary film about Guangxi Province and the live and folk ways of the people living there,

Red River Crisis (Honghe jie). 2002

Directed by Liu Xiaoning.

Interpreters: Zhou Xianqin, Zhou Minshan, Zhao Ning.

In 19th century Honghe, near Yunnan national border, the quite life of a Zhuang community is suddenly disturbed by the arrival of the French invaders. The Zhuang people will strive to save their Bronze Drums.

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