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Sam Mitchell received his Ph.D. in Asian History at the University of Hawaii, where he was an East-West Center fellow. While undertaking language training in Hindi, Urdu, and Nepali, he lived in Pakistan for one year, Nepal for three and India for four. Sam served as Academic Director of the SIT Nepal program from 1990-93 and was a visiting assistant professor of East Asian History at Western Washington University for 2001-2002. He helped to curate an exhibition of his photographs, as well as clothing and cultural artifacts and music from the ethnic minority groups of Northwest Yunnan entitled, "Yunnan:Enchanting Region of Ethnic Diversity" on display at the East-West Center and the University of Hawaii During February and March of 2004. The photographs from this exhibit later travelled to the galleries of the School for International Training and are soon to be exhibited at the University of Vermont. Sam and his wife Lu Yuan created and began the China/Yunnan Program for the School for International Training, based in Brattleboro Vermont, USA in 1994. They have resided in Kunming ever since.


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The above articles were derived from an original article published in the magazine of the Museum of Natural History, New York, Natural History, in November, 2000.


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